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If the thought of packing leaves you drained, exhausted and feeling crazy but even then you go to bed thinking that you will pack your suitcase tomorrow, despite having an early-morning flight to catch, this story is definitely for you.

If you fall under the bracket of lazy and procrastinators, then let us help you making all the boring but necessary parts of travelling easier for you. Here is a list of travel tips for lazy people:


Yes, we know you might think we are crazy. But hear us out and you will know exactly what we are talking about. The things that you need only while you are on a plane or travelling somewhere, should be stashed in your suitcase, even when it`s at home. You can leave your neck pillow, adapter and travel-kit of toiletries inside your bag only, so that when next time you have to pack, you don`t rummage around home to find them.


Checking out more than 50 travel sites and local agents is a huge task. Lots of time and efforts are involved in it. So if you are looking to get best fares, then use a travel comparison site like Smart Flyer. Smart Flyer will give you the cheapest flight options by comparing thousands of travel sites and airlines in just one click.


No! We definitely don`t want you to miss your flight. All we are saying is that instead of nudging people or elbowing your fellow travelers, it is a perfect idea to sit and relax at the gate. This will give you some time to send few important work mails, while everyone else struggle to enter first.

When your flight lands and it is time to get down from the plane; relax in your seat, while other flyers stand in the aisle for twenty minutes trying to deplane. But make sure that you attempt this only when you are in a window seat, otherwise, you might be delaying those who genuinely are in a rush. Use this travel tip and you can thank us later!


There are few things in our packing suitcase that go everywhere with us. For instance, toothbrush, facewash, body wash, moisturizer, sanitizer, slippers and other essentials. So make a list of these general things and click a picture of it so that you can have a look at it whenever you required. You may have to swap out few things, but that is bearable and you will know exactly what you need to pack. Tested and tried travel tips make your journey fail-proof, especially for lazy people.


Most of the people think that the room services are costlier as compared to dining-out. But, the fact to be told, the prices are almost the same. The menu is same and there is only a little difference when it comes to prices. So for the lazy bums, use room service, if you are too tired to go out and dine out. A travel tip that never fails!


If you feel you are not the adventurous types, then always go for hop-on, hop-off bus services that lets you explore the city without having to make much efforts, that too at your own pace. It will save you time and money in a foreign country, and least to mention, your EFFORTS!

So all those lazy birds who really don`t like to move a finger, must try out these travel tips. These hacks will help you do the maximum things with minimum efforts. Before booking tickets, compare it at Smart Flyer, where you can get the cheapest and lowest airfares after comparing more than thousands travel websites. Visit now!

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