Earlier this year, in January, 2019, WOW Air came in the headlines for offering the cheapest flights to Iceland. But the airlines declared bankruptcy and ceased operations, later on. The tourists who were looking to travel cheaper were shattered. The reason behind the ceased operations, as Lonely Planet reported was that the airline shuttled more than one-fourth of all international visitors to Iceland.

But, now, there is great news for the travelers, as WOW Air is set to make a comeback. According to reports, the airline will soon be resuming its services thanks to USAerospace Associates, an American company, which has invested $85 million in the company.

Michele Ballarin, who is the chairman of USAerospace Associates, has announced the investment in a press conference, according to Lonely Planet.  Although WOW Air will make a comeback, there will be few changes along the way. 

According to Ballarin, “the airlines will keep its infamous purple color. However, its launch will take time, starting with just two planes in October, 2019, which could increase to 10 planes by the middle of 2020”.

Also the airline`s operations will shift to Dulles International Airport, Washington DC. But it will have facilities in Reykjavik as well as Keflavik international Airport. The airlines will now come with few additional perks such as airport lounge access and some better in-flight dining thanks to a menu created by a Michelin-starred chef.

However, with added-perks, the travel will become slightly pricey, but according to a report by The Sun, prices may not be too much higher. To keep the fares a bit lower, the planes may also be used to transport cargo.

No exact relaunch date has been set yet for the airline`s return flights, but the confirmed dates might come out in few weeks. So, if your Iceland vacation is waiting in the pipeline, hold off on purchasing your tickets for just a few more days to score great deals.  

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