The beautiful landscapes of Azerbaijan attract visitors in great numbers. Visit
Azerbaijan, which is also known as the ‘Land of Fire’, is neither Europe nor Asia. But is offers a tangle of contrasting traditions and customs that makes it a nexus of ancient historical empires.

Despite people never dreaming of traveling to this part of the world, the country has thousands of years of history combined with deeply-rooted traditions. If you are planning to have a vacation which is memorable and off-beaten, then check out the list of places to visit in Azerbaijan:


The capital city of the country, Baku often features as one of the first places to visit in Azerbaijan. Famous for its Maiden Tower that forms the touristic attraction, this late 19th century Inner City with Russian architectural styles set a complete layered appearance of Baku.

Major attractions include Bake Boulevard hugging the Caspian Sea, Flame Towers and the shopping district along Nizami Street. Also, the city of Baku is well connected with popular destinations. Thus you can book cheap flights from London to Baku.


Birthplace of Nizami Ganjavi- the infamous 12th-century poet, Ganja is least popular as compared to its neighboring sister- Baku.

Although it attracts relatively few tourists, the 370-kilometers trip is worth the journey. Ganja as the name might suggest doesn’t refer to marijuana, rather the city offers a rich history dating back to the 6th-century.


Interested in exploring stunning landscapes alongside immersing yourselves in Caucasus culture? Then Quba is your place! Located around 170 kilometers from Baku, the city is home to some of the top places that are must-visit in Azerbaijan.

Perched atop 1969 feet above the sea-level on the slopes of the Shahdag Mountain the region offers crisp and fresh air while offering some of the best cultural experience. Compare and book cheap flights from London to Azerbaijan today!

The Mountain Villages

Head to the opposite side of the Qudailchay River where the largest all-Jewish settlement outside of Israel exists.

Traversing through Quba and then taking a stroll through the Red Town will take you to this 2500-year-old settlement. Other remote villages include Qusar, Khinalug, Lahji & Saribash.

The Caucasus Mountains

Two mountain ranges that sprawls across the Caspian to the Black Sea, divide Azerbaijan and Armenia, and form the Greater and Lesser Caucasus Mountains. These mountains, according to experts constitutes the most cultural and linguistic diversity on the planet.

There are various ethnic groups and languages that are completely oblivious to Azeri that can be found here. Hike through the least-treaded paths that will lead you to the ambitious Transcaucasian Trail.

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