We all have crazy to-do list that we want to tick off before we turn 30, especially when it involves a trip to the Land Down Under. Australia is an amazing country which has plenty of adventurous things to offer to everyone.

From scaling the Sydney Harbor Bridge to cage diving with white sharks, this country can leave you amazed, amused and surprised along with your list crumbled. So here is a bucket list of activities that every adventure junkie should try before turning 30:

Test your courage with crocodiles

Ever dreamt about doing thrilling & bold along with your best friend? Take a dive at Darwin`s Crocosaurus Cove and come face to face with Australia`s monstrous Saltwater Crocs. It’s a near-death 15 minutes experience in which you will be put inside a cage with your friend.

The cage then will be lowered in a crocodile pen for a heart-racing encounter. While submerged, you will get a close look at the world`s most dangerous creatures and we can guarantee you that it will send chills down your spine. Book cheap flights from London to Australia, now!  

2. Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge

Standing 134 meters above the sea level, Sydney Harbor Bridge offers 360-degree views of Sydney. Over three million people have already climbed the bridge since 1998, with more than 4000 wedding proposals on record. The climb takes almost three hours and takes place between day, night, dawn and twilight climbs. You can also take ‘BridgeClimb’ Sampler for a quicker experience, if you have got your flights to Australia from London approved.

3. Dive into the Great Barrier Reef

One of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef covers 344,400 square kilometers and comprises of 900 islands and 2900 individual reefs. You can scuba dive or snorkel to experience the majestic underwater life and coral reef.

From day tours to overnight charters, scuba expeditions to glass-bottomed boats, there are plenty of tours to suit every budget or traveler. So if you are going to turn 30 this year, and are looking for cheap flights from London to Australia, this can be a life-changing experience for you.

4. Selfie with a Quokka

Do you love taking selfies? Replace your friend in the frame with a cute Quokka. Nothing can beat the experience of clicking a selfie with Quokka. These cute smiling marsupials are extremely charming in their looks, curious by nature and welcome the visitors with a smile. Just restrain yourself from feeding the creatures, because you can be fined.

5. Cage dive with Great White Shark

Head to Port Lincoln, South Australia for an adventurous dive with the world`s most dangerous beasts. Port Lincoln is one of the handful of places in the world where you can have this amazing experience of getting indulged in cage diving with Great White Sharks.

This thrilling underwater experience takes place off the Neptune Islands which is known for its high visibility. Here you can safely encounter the ocean`s top predator from within the security of a cage. Are you ready to feel heart-in-your-mouth? Book cheap flights from London to Australia, today!

All the above mentioned activities are thrilling and can take you for an adrenaline rush. Some are crazy and others are crazier. Each experience will leave you with a profound respect and much better understanding of Australia`s culture and natural landscapes. You can book cheap flights from London to Australia by visiting our website www.smartflyer.co.uk.

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