Traveling around the world is everyone`s dream. But more often than not we are caught in our presumptions, job, monthly bills, careers and most importantly our budget limitation, when it comes to traveling to faraway lands.

Most of us are broke and even if we are not, we are busy saving for our dream destinations throughout the year, only to realize that the amount that we have saved is not enough for the kind of vacation we were expecting to enjoy. But if travelling is your passion and you want to pursue it no matter the cost, then let us bestow you with the information that will actually make you spring up with insurmountable joy- “you can travel around the world without breaking banks”! Yes! Absolutely right!

Exploring around the exotic places that are located in the different countries and regions doesn`t have to burn holes in your pocket or require you to loot a bank. If you know, where to look for cheap flights, ready to sleep at the airports, eat street food, how to manage, and where to spend every single penny of your hard-earned money, you can discover the world in the most beautiful way.

We have compiled some of the most tried and tested travel tips, that will help you plan your next holiday on a budget:

1. Plan Everything in Advance

Planning in advance is great- especially, if you have the luxury of time and lots of money in your bank account to spare. But, if you belonged to that group, you would not be reading our blog, right? So, presuming that you are someone who is just like us and want to travel the world without sacrificing your money, the first thing you must do is to come out with a plan.

An itinerary that will clearly indicates how much time you will be spending in a particular city or an area should be ready. You must be sorted with everything from the routes you will be taking to the mode of transport along with the things and sites, you are planning to cover. The more you will get a grip on your entire itinerary, the less chances of unexpected expenses you will have. Whether you are planning to fly to Bangkok or Cape Town, booking last-minute would not result in cheap flights and you might end up splurging more than you intended. Hence, book in advance or months before to grab cheap flights and lowest fares.

2. Fly in Shoulder Season

If you want travel on a budget, it is wise to avoid travelling during the school holidays or the time when a particular country or city is more frequented by the visitors. A peak season is loved by almost all the travelers, which is why the airlines, hotels and various significant parts of the travel industry hike up the prices.

Research the best time for traveling to your favourite destination and then come out with a travel dates just before or after those dates. This will not only get you cheaper deals but also lowest prices. This is called the ‘shoulder season’, where you will have a great trip, but the popular sites would be less crowded and the sun won`t shine quite as brightly.

Hotels and airlines would lower down their tariffs and fares, giving you a golden chance to milk the opportunity.

3. Choose Accommodation Smartly

There are typical hotels that can cost you a fortune for couple of nights, but when you are travelling on a budget, it is best to be accommodation savvy. Switch expensive hotel stays with dorm rooms and hostels that can provide you a comfortable stay, but will cost you as little as £2- £5. Sharing a room naturally divides the tariff and cuts the cost. But that is not it! You can also meet like-minded people who are ready to travel and explore the places with you. Other great alternatives include AirBnB, Couchsurfing, Worldpackers and lot of other similar platforms that help you find a free stay in various destinations around the world.

Also, you could stay with your family and friends, if they stay in that particular city. Reach out to people you know, when planning a trip on budget.

4. Book Flights in Advance

Booking flights is what takes away the major part of our budget; hence it is extremely important to do it smartly. If you learn to play around the flights schedules and timings, you are more likely to grab the cheapest flights even to some of the most popular destinations in the world.

As your travel dates approach near, the price of the air tickets increases, especially in the last month. Also, you can use flights comparison websites like SmartFlyer and Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights.

5. Pack Properly

No matter where you are heading and for how long, packing smartly is an essential part of the travelling. Make sure that you travel with stuff that is necessary so that you can travel lightly. Always carry one pair of long jeans, a hoodie to stay warm, flip flops and waterproof jacket for unpredictable rains and weather.

6. Pick ‘Day of Departure’ Smartly

Midweek travel prices are comparatively lower as a premium is added to weekend flights. Hence, opt to travel on weekdays as the fare would be cheaper and you will breeze through shorter queues at airport check-in desks and security. Also, if you want to fly cheaper, try to book economy class tickets, as the money you will save on tickets can be spent on travel experiences.

7. Use Public Transport

If you are planning on to travel between different cities, then think about the cheapest mode of transportation to stay stick to your budget. Overspending is easy, when travelling between different cities. Hence, research and figure out what is the best possible way without compromising on your safety and budget. In most of the cities, buses and trains are cheaper than planes. A journey on an overnight train or bus may cost you one less night in a hostel to pay for.

8. Don`t Eat Away Your Cash

You can enjoy delicious food and save chunks of money too! Cheap lunches of excellent quality can be enjoyed on the street or even at a local fresh food market rather than in an overpriced café or a restaurant. Take a survey and explore the market, before picking out on a restaurant to find out a place that is easy on your pocket. Instead of drinking beer, opt for water to keep your dream of exploring this world, alive. Mostly hostels and spare rooms allow you to have access to a kitchen, if you want to save a little money.

9. Earn While you Travel

An excellent way to travel around the world is to earn and working holidays are a brilliant way to do that. From helping the owner with their daily chores to giving them a hand at one of their farms, there are endless opportunities for those who have a passion for traveling. If you can work on-the-go, you can also get your hands on various freelance projects.

We hope by now you must have understood certain aspects of budget traveling. It will not only save you from unnecessary expenditure, but also teaches you a new side of traveling around the world. So pack your bags, use SmartFlyer to compare and find the cheapest flights to your favourite destinations in the world. Try now and be surprised!

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