Getting a plane ticket, rental, accommodation is not gonna come cheap, thanks to the slow economy. But what is more difficult is the decision to buy the array of products, additional perks and add-ons available to visitors prior to departure. There are plenty of things that the visitors can get confused about like travel insurance, extra legroom and many other services.

So in the interest of saving your hard-earned money from getting wasted over things that are negotiable, we have rounded up few things to give you travel tips that you can probably do without on your next trip. Use these travel tips to save your money from getting splurged for the following products and services:

  1. Travel Insurance

While every travel agent or travel website would suggest you to buy travel insurance (it is a wise investment though), it completely depends on the passenger and the kind of vacation he is planning to go for.  There are numerous people who consider travel insurance as a needless expense because either they are planning a budget trip or they do not anticipate the future.

Therefore to find out if you must go for travel insurance ask yourself couple of questions such as how expensive your holiday package is going to be or how much financial loss, you will have to bear, if you were forced to cancel your trip due to an unforeseen reason. This travel tip can definitely help you save money.

2. Seat Assignment

There are certain airlines that charge passengers for selecting an assigned seat upon booking by calling it a “privilege”. Most of the people find it confusing while others book their seat by paying few extra bucks. So if you have always wondered whether it`s worth to shed extra cash to secure a designated seat before your trip, let us tell you the fact. In many cases, it is not.

A seat assignment will only guarantee your seat next to your partner or near the window, if that`s what you need and that is the extent of its advantages. Get to your computer exactly 24 hours before boarding and you will likely to be the first amongst the other travelers. Follow this travel tip and be a smart traveler.

3. Seat Upgrade

When flying international, a seat upgrade from economy to premium may make a difference but in domestic flights, premium economy seating is paltry. All you get a couple of few extra inches in leg space after shedding few extra bucks, that you could have spent somewhere else.

Thus, if you are willing to spend those extra few bucks, ask the airlines first about the seats and inquire further to figure out if the cost is worth the reward.

These were the foremost travel services that get most of the people literally confused while making their bookings. So research well and follow these travel tips to make your trip a memorable and economical one. To make it more affordable, compare your flights at Smart Flyer.

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