The Covid-19 Pandemic has almost put lot of restrictions on travel, be it internationally or domestic. But there are many people that are stuck in a foreign country, or have to fly to provide care for others as well as to travel for essential work service.

It is true that travelling feels scary now, especially for those who are stuck somewhere far from where they can drive to reach their destination. But, there are few ways to make the journey as safe as possible for yourself and others. So if you have to board a plane right now, here are few tips you will definitely need to know for domestic travel:

Avoid Public Transport

First things first! The goal is to avoid as many humans as possible during the corona-virus crisis. Hence, steering clear of any public transportation ensures that you don`t come into the contact of any infection.  So either you try to take your own car to the airport or ask some of your friends or family member to drop you. Do not forget to wear mask, all this time.

Keep your face covered

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Whether you are travelling internationally or domestically, keeping your mouth, nose and in fact the entire face covered is recommended, right now. Even if you are not having any symptoms and do not have any recent travel history, it is indeed a chance that you might contact the virus. Hence, prevention is better than cure and so you must always wear a mask when out in public. You can also make your own DIY mask from t-shirt, towel or bandana.

Use Technology

Technology has been proving a boon in lot of ways, especially when it comes to avoiding as many physical points as possible. Fortunately, you can check-into your flight online and obtain an online boarding pass, which you can store to your phone, allowing for fewer interactions.

Go for Carry-on Baggage

In order to skip interacting with the desk agent and to prevent your bag coming into contact with touching multiple people, opt for a carry-on baggage instead of checked-in luggage. Also while waiting for your turn at the airport, keep at least six feet of distance from the fellow travelers.

Bring Sanitizer

This is one thing that can save you and others from spreading infection or getting infected. Keep washing hands if possible and do not forget to sanitise your hand at every stage of your journey- arrival at the airport, getting through security, and after getting off the plane.

Pick for a window seat and stay seated for your entire journey. These small steps will ensure that you travel safely and stay healthy during the crisis that has taken down the entire world. And to find the cheapest flights, you can compare them at

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