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If your idea of celebrating New Year`s Eve involves exotic drinks, sun-kissed beaches flanked by emerald water and pristine strip of sand then your beach vacation has to be perfect. If you have planned the entire vacation in advance then your tickets must be booked and your excitement levels must be touching the bar, everything almost set, apart from the packing thing.

Packing -a dreadful task that is complexed and if done wrong, can mar the entire vacation. Thus if you are thinking what to pack for your beach vacation, here is a quick checklist that will help you pack for a holiday in the shortest time. So check out our travel packing tips for your upcoming beach vacation so you don`t end up over packing or leaving some essentials behind:

  1. Sunscreen

Beach vacation means lot of sand-playing, surfing, jet skiing or may be snorkeling for some. Exposing your skin to sun for couple of hours can damage your skin more than you can anticipate. Therefore, no matter how much fun it may be to soak up the sun, it is best to protect your skin against the sun-damage. Carry a good sunscreen with SPF 30+ or SPF 50+. Make sure that you re-apply the cream after every 2 hours.

travel packing tips

  1. Comfortable Attire

When heading to hit a beach, it is always wise to pack clothes that are light, airy and comfortable. Fitted clothes can cause rashes because of the humidity that presents in the air, thus, cotton and linen are the best fabrics because they will let your skin breathe. Pack clothes that can be worn in different ways. This will provide you more versatility in your dressing and space in your bags. Carry your accessories, but do not over pack. Follow these travel packing tips to travel light.

travel packing tips

  1. Flip Flops

The most ideal footwear for beach holidays is flip-flops. Not only they are lightweight and comfortable, but they also let your feet breathe. You can remove them easily when on beach and can also pair them with any kind of clothing. A clever travel packing tip that will keep your feet happy!

travel packing tips

  1. Swim Wear

Although packing a swim wear is an obvious thing, most of the people underestimate carrying a nice piece of swim wear. Pick colorful swim wears that are comfortable to look chic and stylish on your beach holidays.

travel packing tip

  1. Beach Towels

If you are travelling in a peak season, possibility is that you might not get too many lounge chairs available on beaches. Thus, carrying towels is recommended. Pack 2-3 towels per person- one to dry yourself up and the other to lay or sit on, in case the lounge chair is not available. Go for light weight, micro-fiber towels that are compact, soft and super-absorbent.

travel packing tip

Carry a first aid kit, a hat and sunglasses too! Most importantly, do not forget to have fun. If you have selected the place but haven`t booked the tickets yet, compare it at Smart Flyer, where you can get the cheapest and lowest airfares after comparing more than thousands travel websites. Visit now!


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