Are you tired of getting ditched by your friends when it comes to travelling to a new place? Well, haven`t we all experienced that at some point in our lives? If the answer is yes, then why not just pack our bags and get ready to travel solo?

Solo travelling is the new concept that is embraced by millions of people around the globe because of the same reason of inability to find a travel companion. With female travelling solo taking the lead, the culture is here to exist and FOR THE GOOD!

So if you want to travel but are worried about the budget, let us tell you that India should be on your bucket list. Why? Because it is beautiful, culturally and geographically diverse, cheap and perfect for those who want to travel solo.

Check out all the amazing destinations in India that will make you book cheap flights to India, right now:


No, we are not starting our list with Goa because that is too mainstream, right? So Kodaikanal, if you can see it in the pictures will definitely have your eyes from the first glimpse. Although the place is famous as a honeymoon destination, there are many other attractions that person who is travelling solo can enjoy. The lush vegetations and the fresh air will calm your anxious nerves while the food will make you go crazy at the same time.


If you have heard about the Ziro Valley Carnival, then you must be aware about this beautiful valley in Arunachal Pradesh- Ziro. An epitome of culture and economy, the valley is thronged by many music lovers during the carnival to have a good time. The site is also been tagged as a World Heritage Site because of its impeccable rice fields and little villages. Compare and book cheap flights to India and attend this soulful music festival in Ziro.

Nubra Valley

One of our most favourites and unarguably the most serene and majestic destinations of all in India is Nubra Valley. Located in leh, the valley is extremely peaceful and gorgeous and perfect for solo travellers. Nestled amidst the hills are two gushing rivers- Siachen and Shayok that enhances the beauty of the valley to some other level. The valley is located at an altitude of 10000 feet and the fresh breeze will refresh your soul.

So when are you planning to visit India solo? If you are looking for cheapest flights, compare and browse flights from today!

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