Travel Scams are real! And they are not just limited to one country or region, it is everywhere. They come in different forms, sometimes in such innocent way that it becomes difficult to decipher the hidden reality. So, in order to make your next travel safer and memorable (for all the good reasons), we are going to give you a list of travel scams that you must avoid.

Avoiding a scam requires a lot of common sense and healthy dose of suspicion, although if you are carrying a guidebook, it probably has listed them all out. Here are the most common ones you must truly avoid:

The Overcharging Cab

No matter which part of the globe you are travelling in, this is one scam that happens everywhere. From Milan to Bangkok, London to Rajasthan, getting overcharged by the cab driver is one scan that is universal. Either the driver will tell you the meter is broken so that he can then overcharge you or you will see the meter running faster than the Usain Bolt.

In order to avoid this scam, you must be aware about how much a ride should cost. You can ask the hotel or hostel staff to get a rough idea to what you should expect. This way you can also negotiate with the driver, if it comes to that point. Also, never get in an unlicensed cab- no matter how good the deal is!

Hotel or Hostel is packed or closed

If you have not pre-booked a hotel or a hostel, you can driver might suggest you the most expensive hotel out there to earn his own commission from the hotel property. This is something fairly common in every touristic place. Another cab driver scam is that your driver will try to tell you that the hotel or hostel you have booked is closed. So if you have done all the bookings already, do not fall for the scam and insist on going there.

The Bet Game

This one has been on the list and people still fall for it. It`s one of the oldest scams in the history and have been used in the movie too! Even then, some of us fall for it. You will see a group of people on the street playing card games or any other guessing game, where a person is winning money. Then you decide to play and you win! After that you bet more money and you begin to lose- again and again.

The Gorgeous Woman

While in a foreign country, we all love a good company. But sometimes it may cost us a lot! There have been many instances where a traveller is approached by a beautiful woman. After few drinks and a nice conversation, she takes him to a hippest club where after few drinks the woman disappears and the man has to pay a hefty amount.

These are some of the most common scams that can happen with everyone (apart from the last one, as women are too smart for this). So keep your guards up and always trust your gut instinct, when travelling abroad.

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