Vietnam is an exceptionally beautiful country and cheaper too! This fact makes it one of the most visited countries in the world. It is also a heaven for backpackers who are looking to experience its traditional and distinct culture at a shoestring budget.

 However, if you are looking to travel even cheaper and save some extra cash, here are fail-proof tips on how to save in Vietnam:

  • Compare before booking– A lot of people spend a lot on flights tickets to Vietnam because they fail to compare and search the travel deal on various websites. Although, the process can be tedious, it is extremely significant. When you use a comparison website, you can come across all the travel deals offered by various travel websites. This gives you a golden chance to find a perfect deal for your vacation. You can try sites like Skyscanner and Smartflyer to find one.
  • Stick to Street Food– Enjoying a food in a fine dining restaurant is nice, but if you want to experience the country in real sense, stick to street food. The street food in Vietnam is usually excellent, cheap and you can watch it being cooked in front of you. If you eat local food, you will save lot of money.
  • Take Long Journey in the Night– If you have to travel intercity, take the tourist bus around the country because it comes really cheap and will cost around 1,200,000 VND.
  • Fly Cheaper– You can also fly cheaper with Vietnam`s low cost airlines like FlyVietnam and VietJet. They are extremely affordable and not only can they help you save time, but money too.
  • Forget about SIM Card- The country has excellent Wi-Fi connection and you can find it just about in every hotel, restaurant, shop and convenience store for free. Unless you need to have connectivity for long journeys, you can skip the SIM card and unplug yourself for some time.
  • Ask you Hotel Staff- The best way to stay updated about the cost of local activities is to ask your hostel staff. They can not only give you a fair idea, but can also give suggestions for local sightseeing.
  • Carry Water Bottle- A water bottle with a purifier is the best investment you can make when you are travelling, particularly in Southeast Asia. The tap water in Vietnam is not worth drinking and carrying a water bottle will make you a sustainable traveller plus help you save money on thousands of plastic bottles.

These are the basic tips that can help you some more money in Vietnam. Follow them and do not forget to share your experience with us. For more information visit: .

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