Are you heading to Sahara without a hat? Or going to Maldives without a swimwear? With all things planned smartly, your luggage can be the only thing that can turn your trip into a disaster and nothing hurts more than realizing that you have made a huge by not packing the travel essentials.

Although planning might sound tedious, but if you follow this short guide to expert travel packing tips, you will end up having amazing vacations:

  1. Plan things out- So it may sound really boring, but planning out things in advance can be your gateway to fail-proof and stress free holidays. Sort out your essentials from the desirables and you are good to go. Be realistic with your luggage limitations as packing more than your airlines allow can result in you shedding few extra bucks at the airport.Travel packing tips
  2. Don`t forget the first-aid kit– First aid kit is the most essential item that needs to be packed along with other things. Pack a small bag along with the most necessary pills and medicines you might need. After all nobody wants to suffer with a bad headache, acidity, motion sickness, nausea or tummy ache during a holiday. It might be easy enough to pick some home remedies when you are home, but while holidaying in the country you are visiting, the sale of medicines may be limited to prescription only. Travel packing tips like these will save you spoiling your holidays due to a bad headache.Travel packing tips
  3. Limit your liquids- We all are aware about this rule but some of us still try to sneak a bottle of liquid past airport security. According to baggage restrictions all liquids carried in cabin baggage must be no more than 100ml per item and must be packed into a plastic and transparent bag that can be resealed. If you have lot of liquid items such as foundation, moisturizer and other stuff, stew it into your checked-in luggageTravel packing tips
  4. Put Name Tags- Unless you are an international celebrity, you can use name tags on your luggage. Generally most suitcases come with a name tag that you can simply fill to recognize your luggage bag when it comes out the conveyor belt. Follow this travel packing tips and become smart traveler.Travel packing tips
  5. Keep baggage restrictions into consideration- If your airline says “20 Kgs”, then they mean 20 Kgs! So it is always recommended to weigh your baggage before you set to go to the airport to make sure that your bags are within the allowed limits, otherwise you might have to cough up few extra bucks at the airport.Travel packing tips
  6. Pack Minimum Cosmetics- It is very likely for everyone to bring their favorite cosmetics along with them. But unless you are planning to travel to Amazon Forests, you can simply pick up shampoo or sun screen lotion brands in almost every corner of the world. Fewer cosmetics simply mean that you excel in travel packing tips by reducing the chances to find shampoo smeared clothes when you reach your destination.Travel packing tips
  7. Carry All Valuables in Cabin- baggage- Although it is rare that the airline will lose luggage these days, but it is better to take precautions instead of taking risks. Therefore keep all your valuables and documents in your hand luggage.7. Carry All Valuables in Cabin- baggage

Pack these essentials into your bag and try to prioritize the things you will really require during your holidays. Follow these travel packing tips and you can rest assured that you are not going to leave anything behind.

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