Flying to your favorite destination can feel amazing. But as they say “nothing comes for free in this world”, the time that you have to spend at the airport while waiting for your flight is anything but free. In fact it can cost you much more than you have anticipated.

From branded showrooms to book stores, the airports know exactly what can tempt you to shed out money. Although when bored, it can be a relieving satisfaction or stress buster, but the repercussion of spending more than you should can leave you out of money. So if you have been in this situation before as well, here are some of the best travel tips that can save you time and money:

  1. Reading Material

Yes, long haul flights or delayed flight schedule can kill you to death, but browsing through the bookstore shelf can leave you with either little or no money. This might seem like a simple fix to your battle with boredom, but it will cost you.  Therefore, it is better to bring your favorite book or magazine from home because reading material that is available at the airport is expensive. This travel tip can save you few bucks!

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  1. Neck Pillows

If you are flying for a longer duration then carrying a neck pillow is the best way to enjoy a comfortable sleep. If you forget to carry it along, you might be tempted to buy it at the airport. Purchasing a neck pillow at that time might make sense to you, but you will end up paying it way more than you will on purchasing it from a supermarket. If you don`t owe one, it is better to buy it from a local drug store or online. Follow this travel tip and you will never have to regret on your purchase.

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  1. Souvenirs

After spending a wonderful vacation at your favorite destination, it is natural to have that desire to get souvenirs for the loved ones waiting back home, but airport souvenirs are costly. If you really want to bring something for your friends and family, click lots of pictures to share with them or to send postcards from the place you visit. Therefore it is better to buy souvenirs from govt. approved shops that offer reasonably priced items. These travel tips will help you save money.

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  1. Duty Free Merchandise

Just because an item is duty-free doesn`t mean it is cheaper. The prices of the items are based on geography and currency exchange rates. So depending on the place where you choose to shop, you could end up paying more than if you made your purchase back at your country or city.

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If you smoke, you can save significant amounts if only you are living in a country or city with high taxes, but as long as electronics goods and other luxury items are concerned, you can get it cheaper online or at your city`s store.

Your trip should be comfortable, affordable and fun but at the same time it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. So follow these travel tips when you reach airport. To book cheapest flights, first compare it at Smart Flyer. Smart Flyer will give you the cheapest flight options by comparing thousands of travel sites and airlines. Visit now!

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